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3 Tips to Get Organized and Stay Sane with Your Email Inbox


Introduction: The Importance of Organizing Your Email Inbox


I am sure we all know the feeling: you have a ton of unread emails and it’s getting difficult to find that one email that you need to reply to. As a result, your inbox is making your life hell. You may find yourself scrolling for what seems like forever looking for the right email and it becomes increasingly frustrating.

The reason why this happens is because of how we use our email inboxes. We tend to organize them in a way that makes sense to us but doesn’t make sense to anyone else on our team or outside of our team– especially not the person who needs a reply from you!


1. How to Sort Emails Automatically Using Filters


Spam is not the only reason why people need to find a way to sort emails automatically. The filters can also be used for other purposes.

Filters are not just an art of the past, they are still very popular in email sorting today. They are essential for businesses, governments, schools and individuals.

Filters are useful because they help manage large amounts of email by auto-sorting messages into specified folders or by deleting them outright. They can also help automatically complete tasks without human intervention.

Some common uses of filters include automatically forwarding incoming email from one account to another, deleting spam messages before downloading them or creating a draft folder for all emails that require responses but have not yet been dealt with.


2. How to Prioritize Your High Priority Emails For High Impact Actions


When you have a high number of emails in your inbox, it can become difficult to prioritize what should be done first. There are a few tips and tricks you can use to boost your productivity and prioritize the most important email in the inbox.


Step One:

Sort your emails by what’s important. Create three different folders for urgent, medium priority, and lower priority.


Step Two:

Create rules for how each email is moved into these folders based on who the sender is or the subject line of the email. If you need more help sorting them out, check out this guide on how to prioritize emails.


Step Three:

Create time blocks for when certain tasks need to be completed (consider using an app like Toggl). 


3. Types of Filters for Your Email Inbox That You Can Try Today!


Emails are a necessity in today’s world. They allow us to keep up to date with the latest news, receive notifications for events, and stay connected with our loved ones.

However, because of their popularity, many senders have figured out how to abuse the email system. These mass senders are using sophisticated techniques to achieve their goals. For example, they will use algorithms to learn about your preferences and habits so that they can market products that are more likely to make you buy them.

Three types of filters we can try today:



-Read receipts:


Conclusion: Why It’s Important To Be Organized With Your Email Inbox


We are constantly bombarded with emails which often lead to a messy inbox. It is essential to be organized with your email in order to stay on top of things.

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